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If you want to live a more altruistic lifestyle, start by reprogramming your brain to think more positively. Try out these six tips to focus your thoughts and train your brain to be more positive.

By this point in the coronavirus crisis, you’ve probably helped your kids work through sibling conflicts of every shape and size. Between sharing limited space and dealing with stress, it’s no wonder that tensions between siblings may be running high. And now, with many camps and sports activities cancelled, it looks like siblings will be spending a lot more time together this summer, too.

Like any other muscle, a brain needs to be exercised, stretched and challenged to stay strong. Check out these cool tricks you can practice to exercise your brain and build mental muscle.

Volunteering and serving doesn’t have to be challenging when you use your talents to support others. Identify your talents, ask for support and find an organization where you can use your strengths to give back.

If you try to live altruistically, then combating your own loneliness can play a vital role in how you serve others. Here’s how to fight loneliness while still regarding social distancing.

There may be real benefits to the occasional sob. Furthermore, some experts say it’s OK to occasionally self-soothe with an ice cream sundae, or decompress on a gossipy Zoom call with your college besties, or indulge in a ferocious howl at the moon if that’s what feels right. If you’ve been looking for permission to sit down and have a good cry, here it is: You have our blessing to absolutely lose it.

Raising a child with a disability, while trying to balance work and family responsibilities is no easy task for even the most dedicated parents, under the best of circumstances. Managing all aspects of a special needs child care, while sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, is even more stressful and time-consuming.

A week before the wedding we had a huge fight – I don’t even remember about what it was about. What I do remember is his cornering me against the wall and screaming into my face. I wanted to call off the wedding. But, how? Everything was ordered, booked, paid for. My family was flying cross-country to be there. What would they think? How could I let him go? He was such a great catch – everyone thought so.

To help children in elementary and middle school grades learn to think and solve problems for themselves, you don’t have to have all the answers. A positive attitude can go a long way.

One highlight of my week was crying in the car on my way to the grocery store. That sounds bleak as hell, but let me explain. I was alone, with no one asking me to do anything for 15 solid minutes, listening to music of my choosing that was in no way affiliated with Disney.

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