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At the inaugural Better Together prom, everyone made the prom court. The Better Together prom was meant to make people with disabilities, high school age and older, feel pampered and accepted, said organizer Erica Conway, a Napa dentist. Conway, whose daughter is a Justin-Siena freshman and was born with Down syndrome, said she was inspired by the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine, a similar event for people with special needs.

Parenting a child is always hard, but this is so much harder. “People don’t understand the variations of Autism. We had a very difficult time coming up with a plan for Rukaya’s IEP. The school’s recommendations didn’t fit my child! Because of ParentsCAN I knew that if I was not satisfied with the recommendations I did not have to sign her IEP. Because I was prepared by ParentsCAN, we decided we would meet again after Rukaya had attended the school for one month.”

“During that time I would call my Advocate and ask her to tell me ‘am I crazy or are they crazy?’ I couldn’t be objective anymore. But I knew my Advocate would tell me the truth. I trust ParentsCAN – I can explain the situation and get an unbiased answer. ParentsCAN has no ulterior motive, other than to make sure that the kids who need help are getting help. Because of ParentsCAN’s guidance, I was able to work with the school so Rukaya can learn.”

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