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Our Approach

Guided by Data

ParentsCAN is committed to being data-driven in its program offerings. To accomplish that we track data both inside and outside our agency.

Inside ParentsCAN:

ParentsCAN has clearly identified outcomes that are achievable, measurable and monitored to assure the program is implemented consistent with research-based best practices and effective in achieving its stated goals. ParentsCAN is committed to continuous evaluation as an essential component of program quality assurance and improvement. In 2013, we developed a Theory of Change Model, agency Logic Models, and an Evaluation Plan.

ParentsCAN uses a secure web-based data collection system to track program outputs and outcomes. Evaluation tools and timing are based on the types of services families use, such as intensive mentoring services, support groups or educational trainings. Families are surveyed after receiving services to measure their confidence that they have the information/knowledge and problem-solving skills necessary to deal with their challenging situation, and provide feedback on how services may be improved.

All program data is reviewed monthly by Advocates and Management to ensure that the program is making satisfactory progress towards meeting outcome goals, to identify challenges and to make any changes needed to service delivery. Information Data summaries are presented to the Board in a quarterly basis and information is used to inform any strategic changes to agency programs or services.

ParentsCAN staff have been trained in the California Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support ( The standards set quality indicators for the areas of Family Centeredness, Family Strengthening, Diversity and Community Building, and operationalize the research based evidence-informed Strengthening Families Protective Factors framework. ParentsCAN is in Phase II of an action plan to increase quality of services  and we continue to work on achieving “High Quality” indicators in all areas.

Outside ParentsCAN:

In addition to our client family input our Board members represent a cross-section of our community and serve to ensure that we are offering programs that meet our community needs. Further we monitor outside trends in a variety of ways.

Professional Memberships:

Community Parent Resource Center for the Federal Office of Special Education Programs

Family Resource Center Network of California 

Family Voices of California

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health 

Parents Anonymous

Parent to Parent USA 

United Advocates for Children and Families