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How to Help!

How to Help!

Give the gift of hope to a family today! Make a one time gift, or give monthly, you pick the size and amount that fits you. Whatever the size, your donation makes a difference in the life of a child.

Now, you can make a difference in the life of a child with a small gift each month. Did you know....a gift of just: 

  • $5 each month can help connect families to local resources for their child.
  • $10 each month can screen a child to ensure they are ready for kindergarten.
  • $25 each month can help coordinate services, support and equipment for parents bringing home a medically fragile baby.
  • $50 each month can support families in accessing special education services for their child.
  • $100 each month can help a family in crisis find the resources and support they need.

It's convenient. It's easy on your budget. If you check the box to give monthly, your donation will be charged every month and you'll receive a tax letter every January with an overview of all your donations. And if you'd like to make changes to your gift, simply call Chris Roth at 707-253-7444 ext. 114 or email

All donations to ParentsCAN of any amount make a difference!

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