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Every child's journey is different. We partner with and guide parents when challenges arise in their child's education, health, behavior or development, so children can reach their full potential.

"Knowledge is power and ParentsCAN helps families to be powerful."
                                                                                              ~ Carmen B.

Our Impact This Year

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  • # of Children who had a Free Developmental Screening


  • Families Who Reported Positive Results from Services


  • Families Served Who Were Connected to Resources


News & Notes

The official scouting motto is “Be Prepared.” If parents of special needs kids had a motto, it would be the same thing. We always have to be ready for any scenario and never more so than when we travel with them.

Here are ten items you must have in your arsenal before traveling so that you are prepared for anything. (Hint: you probably already have a lot of these, but have you remembered to pack them?)

It could be the hit of the summer: “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max. It features the singer, Ava Max, violently abusing men. It suggests she killed one man and lights another one on fire. But she’s really attractive while doing it, so I guess we are supposed to be OK with her vivid, awful depiction of what she feels a “psycho” is.

So, do you want to embrace social networking to have a positive influence on the world? Here are some ideas for how to use social media to make a difference.

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