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Every child's journey is different. We partner with and guide parents when challenges arise in their child's education, health, behavior or development, so children can reach their full potential.

ParentsCAN will continue to be closed for drop-in visits, please contact us by phone at (707) 253-7444, Monday ~ Friday,  9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM to make an appointment. We will return your calls as soon as possible. You may also email us at:

ParentsCAN continuará cerrado para visitas sin cita previa, comuníquese con nosotros por teléfono al (707) 253-7444, de lunes a viernes, de 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM. para hacer una cita. Le devolveremos sus llamadas lo antes posible. También puede enviarnos un correo electrónico a: 

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"Knowledge is power and ParentsCAN helps families to be powerful."
                                                                                              ~ Carmen B.

News & Notes

Your other children notice because having a sibling with Down syndrome has given them a new perspective. They, like you, now see the world through eyes that don’t mind slowing down to appreciate the small things. They, like you, have grown in empathy and compassion. These other children of yours will learn how to demonstrate patience and determination by helping and watching when it takes their sibling longer to do something.

When you’re anxious, your body does all kinds of things to prepare you to face whatever the perceived threat is. It sends signals to your brain to get ready for either the flight or fight response, so you can neutralize the threat and stay safe. When living with a generalized anxiety disorder though, these bodily preparations and experiences become part of your daily life, so you might not be aware that your body is trying to tell you there’s a threat you need to address. Being in tune with these signals that may slip through the cracks can help you be more aware of your environment

There aren’t many upsides to having a virus wreak havoc with one’s adolescence, but on that very short list might be coming to appreciate the growth-giving practice of following stressful periods with deliberate recovery. This may be especially true at this moment in time, and it’s also how we want young people to be thinking about stress, recovery and growth long after the pandemic is over.

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