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Every child's journey is different. We partner with and guide parents when challenges arise in their child's education, health, behavior or development, so children can reach their full potential.

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News & Notes

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is designed to improve behavior and quality of life. This article focuses on how PBS is applied in schools and how family members and educators can work together to improve child behavior across settings.

ParentsCAN will host a free Project Leadership Series beginning on August 16th and ending on September 27th. The experience will equip families with the skills and tools needed to partner with and engage in all levels of public advocacy on behalf of children with special needs.

Here we are just settling into our summer schedule and it is already time to talk about transitioning back to school, or going to school for the very first time.

All children need plenty of rest, good food and a nice quiet place to do homework. But some children need a little more help during the transition period. For young children going to school for the first time there may be some anxiety surrounding the whole experience. Some of the things that may help for young ones is to take practice drives or walks to their new school. Let them play on the playground, if possible, and show them their new classroom. Usually there is an orientation prior to the first day of school and they can actually see their new teachers and any aides that may be there.

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