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Who We Are


The majority of the staff and Board of ParentsCAN are people who have experienced the challenges and joys of life with a child with special needs. We believe that parents know their children best and, when equipped with reliable information, they are their child’s best advocate. We know that families are the key to achieving bright futures for their children. The Board and staff  work together to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization while providing high quality services to families.

Our Board of Directors

Ken Wood, President

Matthew Guggemos, Vice President

Araceli Soto, Secretary

Candice Chia

Melanie Johnson

Miriam Puentes

Sydney Ferris Williams


Our Staff

Marlena Garcia, Executive Director

Lisa Colarusso, Program Director

Shelly Hanan, Community Engagement Director

Martinique Querner, Operations Director

Chris Roth, Development Director