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Prepare Not Panic!

How to Prepare

It's always good to be prepared!

To learn more about wildfire preparedness before an emergency visit:

Preparing for the unexpected is your best defense against emergencies and disasters. Knowing what to do before an emergency arises enables you to respond quickly. Don’t be caught unprepared. Make plans now to be safe then.

See this list of resources from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here are some suggestions from Ready Napa County

  • Make an emergency kit
  • Adopt a communication plan
  • Plan together with neighbor helping neighbor
  • Prepare for seniors and people with disabilities 
  • Learn how to be prepared for all types of emergencies 
  • Know how to keep your pets safe 
  • Learn First Aid 
  • Sign up with the nation Next of Kin Registry 
  • Learn where to go to view air quality data

Here is a list of necessary survival kit supplies from the American Red Cross