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Helping Your Child Become a Strong Self-Advocate

Supporting Your Child on Their Journey  

 "Nothing About Me Without Me" (English)

"Nothing About Me Without Me" (Spanish)

What I Want My Parents to Know (English)

Talking to Your Child about Their Disability

How To Talk To Your Child About Their Disability

Help Your Young Adult Learn About Accessing Accommodations After High School


15 Tips for Self-Advocates Podcasts - Real talk and personal stories for and from people who learn and think differently

PACER’s Advocating for Myself webpage

Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities: Be Your Own Best Advocate

Life Beyond High School

How my IEP transition plan helped me start college with confidence

Students with Disabilities Transitioning from High School

Intellectual Disability and College? It Is Possible!

Students with an Intellectual Disability Share Their College Experience

CA Department of Rehabilitation Student Services website

Supported Decision-Making: What Supported Decision-Making is and why it Matters

Duties of a Conservator