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Key Transitions on Your Child's Journey

Preschool to Elementary School

In Napa County, the start of Kindergarten is when children formally enter the public school district. Prior to this, your child may be attending a public preschool program like Napa Preschool Program which is run by Napa County Office of Education or a private preschool or daycare. For preschool students with IEPs, preparations for the transition from preschool to Kindergarten will begin the Spring before your child enters Kindergarten and may involve comprehensive educational assessments and a Transition IEP Meeting with your preschool IEP team and administrators from the district’s special education department. This section of the e-Resource Center includes resources to help you understand what to expect during this transition.

Preschool to Kindergarten - The Transition IEP Meeting

Making the Leap: The Transition to Kindergarten

Helping Children with Special Needs Transition to Kindergarten

Kindergarten IEP Transition for Parents